New Albany

New Albany is an affluent suburb located in the northeastern region of Columbus, Ohio. The area was founded in the early 1800s by a group of settlers from Connecticut, who named the town after their hometown of New Albany, Connecticut.

New Albany’s history is closely tied to the development of the Ohio and Erie Canal, which was completed in 1832. The canal passed through New Albany and brought new businesses and settlers to the area. The town quickly grew into a thriving community with a bustling downtown area and a number of schools, churches, and businesses.

During the 20th century, New Albany underwent significant growth and development, with new housing developments, businesses, and schools being built. Investment by Les Wexner in the 1980s really change the face of the area as the town became known for its excellent schools, luxury homes, and upscale amenities.

In recent years, New Albany has become a popular destination for technology companies, with a number of high-profile companies, including Facebook and Google, opening offices in the area.

Today, New Albany is a vibrant and affluent community with a population of over 35,000 residents. It is known for its excellent schools, community events, and luxurious amenities, including a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a variety of high-end restaurants and shops.

Some notable attractions in the New Albany area include the New Albany Symphony Orchestra, which performs a variety of classical and contemporary music, and the New Albany Farmers Market, which offers locally grown produce and artisanal goods.

Overall, New Albany is a charming and upscale community with a rich history and a bright future as a thriving suburb of Columbus.

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